my name is Ahmed

and I like travel

and adventure

Years ago, I had a question: When was the last thing I’ve done, that took me out of my comfort zone?

Cause let’s face it, by seeking the environment I feel the most comfortable in as a shelter will never help me build my life resume and potentially explore new things. Since then, I’ve decided to set myself on a different journey of discovering myself, my surrounding and documenting all the interesting and weird things I encounter..


I became the kind of person that dreams big,
sets high goals and excute them. It gave me a sense of accomplishment


a volcanic experience

March 2017 is the day that I got to experience the first thing way beyond what I am used to: I stood at the crater of an active volcano. A volcano that could erupt at any moment. I stood there silently listening the mumbling sound of lava as it is trying to escape while the earth is shaking beneath my legs.


That is the moment when I felt the smallest, facing arguibly the most destructive force on earth. But also a reminder to trust my heart no matter how uncomfortable and scary it may be.


I decided to keep going.

Since then, I crosses so many things off my bucket list, that in the past I would’ve never thought possible:

  • I travelled to 21 countries
  • I cycled 4000km from Germany to Morocco in 35 days
  • I dog sled in the north pole and sailed the arctic ocean
  • I’ve spent a night under the northern lights
  • I flew a small plane (yes, I got to land it twice :D)
  • I acted in two movies
  • I ran a marathon

and much much more…