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Why Analyzing Your Competitors’ SEO is Important For Your Own Growth

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When you’re doing SEO, you’re not only playing against that other blog on the first page that you hate or the evil search engine algorithm that only existed to tackle you down and hurt your business, you’re actually competing against real experienced and even professional SEOs (companies, maybe?!) in your niche.

But before you continue reading this article, let me cut first all the false hopes that people might have about this topic.

misconceptions about SEO tools..

There are a lot of great tools out there that have a high level of analysis accuracy, but none of them is 100% correct. I managed a lot of blogs before I started writing for my own, from smaller to bigger blogs, and one of thing that I learned from the past experiences is that the analysis accuracy of your competitors is always relative to the popularity of the blog you’re targeting. The more popular your competitor is, the more accurate the analysis will be.

The other thing is keywords. If all your competitors are not ranking for a specific keyword, for example, that might actually be your lucky day, you just found your sweet spot in the chaotic ranking war. Except this is not always the case.. Unfortunately not. At times, it might be harder to rank for a keyword even if there’s much less competition for it. This might cause by many other factors such as the search engine algorithm and how well you’re optimized at the moment for that keyword.. One thing I can say, do your best but don’t make one keyword the only center of your attention.

Understand trends

I think this is a very important concept you should understand before looking into other sites analysis’. Trends can significantly affect the traffic of a website and maybe give you a false read on the specific keywords they’re targeting. Let me give you a simple example of how this works:

You have an online shop explicitly to sell flip-flops in every color, size and so on, you name it.. people like flip flops, that is a good idea. Now every year between June and September you notice a huge increase in traffic. What could logically explain that is that people are more likely to shop for flip flops when the weather is relatively hot, in the summer time. That means the search for your product, in this case, flip flops, increases in summer and so relatively traffic to your website.

Why I think this is very important is, not only because your competitor is getting a huge amount of traffic and ranked higher for a specific keyword, automatically, means they’re specifically targeting that keyword. They probably are and they should be, but it’s not always the case. Internet trends come and disappear so quick and they bring a lot of traffic with them but most people don’t figure them out until it is too late. A nice way to confirm this theory, compare your traffic with your competitors and see if they also get a significant increase in traffic during the same period of time as you do or other competitors for a specific keyword. Find out the reason why and embrace the trend.


One key to success is to always monitor backlinks of your competitors and see where they’re getting their quality backlinks from. Why backlinks are that important you might ask? Backlinks, simpler formulated, will tell the search engines how important your website is and they will consider that in their ranking.

Reach out to the sources your competitors are getting their backlinks from. Explain why your service is great and why you deserved to be featured as well. Guest write, comment and answer people’s questions.. If your competitors have backlinks from popular sites you didn’t know about, test it, see if you can also achieve the same results with it as well. There are dozens of things you can do with, trust me..

Building a successful strategy

SEO is might not hard to understand but it is sensitive to execute. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you don’t have a well-built strategy that considers all the factors that could affect your ranking. Maybe Spying on your competitors alone isn’t enough to build a well-structured strategy, as what worked for others might not 100% work for you as well, but it will for sure help you know what works the best for the other site and what didn’t work at all for them.

Getting to the point

After presenting some concepts that I found interesting to know, I would like to finally point you the most crucial obvious reasons for me to ‘Why analyzing your competitors’ SEO is important for your own growth?’:

1 – find new, profitable keywords to enrich your niche

2 – get ahead of trends and learn what brings more traffic

3- Get an even bigger audience using new backlinks

4 – create an effective strategy based on your competitors’ data


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