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Black Wizard Interview on ‘New Waste’ Album

Black Wizard – ‘New Waste’ Interview
After releasing their debut Album in 2010, The Vancouver metal stalwarts gave themselves a unique identity in the Doom/Stoner metal world with a slow, but an adventurous and twistedly dark psychedelic sound.
Continuing on the same path, Black Wizard are releasing in 2016 a new album titled ‘New Waste’, I’ve got ahead and we asked few questions concerning the to-be-released album:

You played 3 Inches of Blood’s last ever show with them last month (7th of Nov).What was it like playing such a historic show?

It was a total trip and a complete honour. We have been huge fans forever and eventually became good friends, and the amount of true fans this band has made over the years is really amazing. Plus they’re one of the tightest bands we’ve ever seen so the show was a ripper.

You have a new album “New Waste” out in January. I’ve already sampled a preview with the song “the priest” on  Its fast, fresh and heavy. Can you tell me what to expect from the rest of the album?
Well, we all worked really hard on this record over the past year so I hope the rest of the album will have that same sensibility. We don’t stray too far from what we sounded like before but we definitely tried to make sure it was a fresh approach to it.
Are the lyrics inspired by the concrete realities or rather abstract topics?
It’s probably a bit of both, We like to write about what we know and how we perceive certain things. Also it can be more cryptic though and sometimes it hard to even tell what the song is even about. “New “Waste” is actually a joke we have about our hometown New West, so we wanted to recognize that all of our buds have been into  it since the beginning.
Black Wizard – ‘New Waste’ Interview
What else can tell me about the recording process?
We recorded the album at Bully’s Studio’s in New Westminster again with Michael Kraushaar. We spent the first few days recording the drums and bass live to tape without edits. Then added all the guitars and vocals but it’s really what Michael does to inspire us to play our best and make a killer record. It’s always a blast when we get to record cause it’s a really laid back vibe where we don’t take the whole thing too serious, there’s a lot of laughs and beers involved.
Most bands in their early stage go through their biggest development until they finally find themselves, since it has been more than 5 years now since the band was founded, can you describe your evolution and what has changed the most in the band?
Well since the first record we’ve definitely grown up as a band having spent a lot of time touring and with members leaving to do other things.
All those other lineups we had really rad in their own way but the current lineup is the most accurate representation of this band. We’re all really inspired to keep playing and writing new music, it’s the most productive we have been this far too. We’re constantly trying new things when we play and hope to just expand on what we have already been doing.
Are you planning a world tour on the back of New Waste?
Yeah for sure. We don’t have anything booked at the moment but we will be doing some extensive touring for this record.
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!!

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