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Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Visit Rome, Italy!

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Rome is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is one of the destinations that you shouldn’t hesitate about. It’s true that the Greeks, Persians, and Egyptians were famous for their brilliant architectures, but the Romans just did it better. Rome is one of the very few European cities left that offers a strong mix of culture, a fight between keeping the history, maintaining the old and embracing the modern. Although Rome is very safe, being one of the biggest destination for tourists in Europe, Rome also became an attraction to a very unattractive scene. Here are my best tips to help you make the most of your trip:

Purchase tickets online

You need to purchase all your tickets in advance if you want to avoid queueing. It saves you time and sometimes it even costs less. For some attractions (The colosseum in particular), showing the tickets on your phone isn’t enough, so make sure to print them ahead of time as well.

Free entry to museums

On the first Sunday of each month, the entrance to the museums is free. Isn’t that just awesome? This includes a lot of famous places like the Colosseum, Altare della Patria, the Forums and much more…

Don’t take a taxi from the Airport

Let me first start with saying that many taxi drivers will try to overcharge you, but still apart from that, the taxi prices in Rome are very expensive! Take the train instead. It is much cheaper and also fast. There is a train service that links from Fiumicino and Ciampino Airport to Termini station, the center of town every half an hour or so. Inside the city, the Metro/bus are your friends.


Unfortunately, like in all the big cities, pickpocketing is a thing. Make sure to keep an eye on your belongings especially in crowded places and metros/buses.

Beware of posing for pictures with strangers

And with strangers I mean the people dressed like famous figures or weird characters, usually in front of museums or a touristic attraction. They’ll offer you a picture implying it’s free and make you pay for it after (possibly holding your camera, which is a trick they use to force you to pay to get your camera back).

I swear there’s more than Pizza and Pasta in Rome

Try different things out. Rome offers much more than just pizza and pasta (Carciofi, Puntarelle, Filetti di baccalà fritti…). Also, avoid touristic traps as often as possible and eat local.

grazie mille

Learn to say few words in Italian. Things like “Hello”, “Thank you” and “Excuse Me” are very easy to remember and is still considered better than nothing. Don’t except all Italians to speak English back to you, many don’t.

Don’t buy water

Water prices in Rome are expensive. Instead, carry a bottle around with you and fill it up in various places for free.

Tipping is not necessary

Unlike many places, tipping in Rome is not necessary and Italians are very unlikely to tip unless it’s a very exceptional service. Don’t sweat about it.


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  • anne mcadoo

    Actually Romans will leave about 1-2 euros tip per person in a restaurant or pizzeria, and about 10/20 cents at the bar in a coffee shop. And avoid anyone who comes up to you with a gold ring or bracelet and says they just found it on the street and would you like to buy it, definitely not real gold. Otherwise your recommendations are spot on, Ahmed!

    • Ahmed

      Thank you for your comment, Anne!