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My Favorite Bars to dance and Party in Berlin

Bohnengold Berlin bar nightclub. bars to dance and party

Wild, crazy and massive is a just a one way to describe the nightlife in Berlin. I mean, where else can you go clubbing on a Sunday morning after breakfast or enter the club on Friday and not leave until Sunday? I’ve been carrying the torch of hangover’s champion for quite some time now which made me want to slow down for a moment and look for a place that is free, where don’t have to queue for an hour, not as crowded, not as loud, but where I can still go wild with ease (does that make sense?). Here are my favorite bars to dance and party in Berlin:

Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo

There’s a guy selling beer in the toilet in this place, just in case you want to have another drink while you’re peeing, is that enough to convince you?

This place is absolutely my favorite in Berlin. I used to go on weekends and it never failed to amaze me, not even once. The atmosphere is incredible. The music is some kind of going back and forth betweens old goodies and new hits. This place looks like a normal bar which might give a wrong impression at first, but once 12 PM clocks in, all tables and chairs will be gone and the party begins.

Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo dance bar berlin, Germany


Bohnengold is only 5 minutes away from Filmkunstbar and also in the heart of Kreuzberg. This should be your number one destination if you’re into techno parties and want to avoid clubs. It might look a bit quite from the outside but they have a room far in the back where they have live sets on weekends.


This place is the smallest on the list and maybe not the best to get loud in but how they managed to bring a small room into a stop for crazy crowds amazes me. Warm up drinks here are a good idea since Bohnengold and Filmkunst bar are only a 15 Minutes walk from there. There’s a room downstairs with a sign that says ‘Party’ on it, you know what that means.

Sauermuter, Berlin, Germany. Bar club street view


is also one of the top bars to dance and Party in Berlin. Sameheads is a mix of a bar, a club and a boutique at the same time. This place has a random assortment of tables and chairs, colored lowlights and a chilly vibe that pretty much says a lot about it. Make sure to check their website for upcoming events as Sameheads can be wild or boring depending on the night.

Sum up…

This is my favorite pick in Berlin.  The list might not be long but it will sure do it for you. If you know few other bars to dance and Party in Berlin,  let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure to check them out.


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