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Find The Cheapest Flights And Save Money The Easy Way

Best Way to Find The Cheapest Flights And Save Money

Whether you’re doing a business trip or looking for wild adventure, flying is always expensive and takes a big part of the entire planned budget that you might end up taking few other things off the list to save for the flight. Luckily, with a little bit of planning and research you get anywhere you want to for less than what you used to spend. Here are my tips and tricks to help you find the cheapest flights around the world.

Know the best time to book the ticket

This has to be first on the list because of its importance. The trick is to usually book the flight as early as possible. Maybe not too early, but early enough if that makes sense, especially if you’re traveling at peak holiday season. There are not facts to that but from experience,  2-3 months out of the fly date is usually the best time to book if you’re flying between continents and 1-2 month if you’re not flying that far. 

Traveling during the week like on Tuesday or Wednesday is a tip that I have always been hearing from people. It might work mostly but still look for flights on the weekends as well just to be sure.

Skyscanner, never heard of it before?!

Skyscanner is, in my opinion, the best tool on the internet to search for the cheapest flights possible. I can talk non-stop about how much money it saved me on traveling in the past years. it is basically a search engine that specifically searches for the cheapest flights available. How to use it? Just enter your route and click search, that’s how simple it is.

Be willing to take a slightly different root

This applies if you’re only looking at direct flights. If your schedule allows, maybe make one (or multiple) stopovers along the way and discover some new cities in between. As wild and adventurous that sounds, it could actually be a great way to save money (works best if you’re flying long distances). A win-win situation.

Fare Compare has a great feature that shows you a map of the cheapest destinations you can fly to, you can set a custom price range and travel time (I do recommend to check from multiple sources as prices vary from site to site).

Mix and match your flights

This is also a very important tip to always keep in mind when you’re traveling as it might not only save you money but also time and maybe even make you more flexible as you’ll have much more options. Fly out and back from different airports and different airlines. Two single flights can turn out to be much cheaper than a return.

Alternative airports are also a great thing to look for. It might turn out to be much cheaper at the end to take a flight from an alternative airport plus the train cost to get there than flying from the regular one.

Price Alerts

Price alerts are, in my opinion, the best way to find a very cheap flight if you set them very early(2-4 Months before flying). They let you monitor the price history of your chosen flight so that you can pounce if the airfares suddenly sink or start to creep up. The prices can sink to more than 50% for few hours sometimes and you can snap that, end up with the best deal and save a lot of money on the flight.

You might be wondering now, but how do I set up the price alerts ideally? I suggest you use the alert feature of Skyscanner which is very easy to set up and the best I found so far. You would have to enter your travel route first as well as when you’re traveling and hit search. Then simply click on ‘Get Price Alerts’ like in the picture below and you’ll receive emails regularly about any changes.


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