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Frankie Cosmos Interview: ‘I Don’t View Them As Releases As Much As An Archive’


2016 is shaping up to be a huge year for New York native Greta Kline knows as Frankie Cosmos. Kline initially built a reputation with her prolific catalog of bedroom recordings which she released on her Bandcamp profile. Those could be counted up to 200 in total.
Asked about her Bandcamp account, Cosmos commented: ‘I just put up everything I was making as a teenager as a way to keep track of it. I don’t really view them as releases as much as an archive.

In 2014 Kline released her first studio album, Zentropy. Within months of its release, Zentropy became one of the most critically acclaimed independent albums of the year and was named New York Magazine’s 1 Pop album of 2014. From writing a 20 seconds demo songs to producing songs for a full-length album, Cosmos added: ‘I still come up with ideas in the same ways, but what I do with them has changed. The main thing that has changed is the point When I feel a song is finished. Now, I want to do a lot more with a song before calling it finished.
the-next-big-thing-album-cover-frankie-cosmosIn 2015, Kline signed to Bayonet Records, immediately releasing the Fit Me In EP where she experimented with writing in an electronic setting. Frankie Cosmos then began recording their first full-band album appropriately titled, Next Thing. Like Zentropy, Kline approached Next Thing by fleshing out several old home recordings, and by writing half of the album from scratch. Next Thing explores new emotional and instrumental territory for Frankie Cosmos.

Frankie Cosmos has also just dropped the video for ‘Sinister, another track from her critically acclaimed Next Thing LP. Kline tells us ‘The music video for Sinister was made by my friend Eliza Doyle, who is a video artist. Eliza had been working with Don Martone (the bodybuilder) on a movie called True Barbarian and she thought he’d make a good alter-ego for Frankie, wanting to play with the idea of fragmentary personas. I relate to the idea because for me it’s about having very different sides to myself, and needing those different personas to accept each other / co-exist’.


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