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How to Get Started in SEO and Optimize Your Blog

How to Get Started in SEO and Optimize Your Blog

Started a new blog or trying to optimize your current but not knowing where to start and what to do next?  We’ve all had these moments when we wonder why are we not seeing any results even if we’re doing everything right.

Let me break it down to you from the start: a great content, a good looking theme, and a fast loading page only won’t take you so far anymore! That might bring you few thousand random hits but nothing impressive in the long term. The web is already flooded with all kind of content that you could think of.

Getting a huge amount of traffic isn’t a magic trick that can be performed in few minutes. It takes hard work and lots of dedication. I mean it! If you’re not ready to take the long-term commitment that comes with it, then this post is not meant for you (maybe blogging is not, as well).

Learn what the heck SEO is in the first place is?

The mistake most bloggers nowadays do is literally learning every single SEO trick they read on the internet and applying it to their blogs hoping it would magically optimize it and rocket rank it to the top. IT WON’T. Learn first about the concepts of SEO, what it is, how does it work, for what reasons you need it, when and when not, and so on… What works for me isn’t 100% going to work for you as well. People have difference Blogs, even different goals to achieve. Figure out yours first and then learn how you can achieve it.

Optimize your social presence

I think that you already know the power of the social networks and their effects but here am I, again, screaming it (gently) to your face: social networking is the most powerful form of marketing ever known to mankind. The only downside (not really a downside) is that it’s not a magic bean that grows overnight into business success. It takes some hard work, commitment, and a good strategy.

Why a good strategy? Social media wasn’t invented to market your blog and will never be a broadcast channel for your business. The purpose behind them is to connect and engage with your audience. DO THAT.

There are hundreds of potential social networks out there, maybe even more by the time you’re reading this post. You can’t do well with all nor will all of them will help you meet your goals. Identify which ones (up to three at the beginning depending on how much time you can invest is a good idea) works for your content the best and focus on them.

You also want to share during the times that your target audience is online. Use tools like Facebook page insights or Twitter analytics to determine that and maybe automate your posts to be automatically shared in those times. Facebook, for example, has a great tool to schedule posts, for other social networks you can use third party softwares. Make a weekly sum-up of your favorite posts and post them again. Give those posts a second chance to grow. There’s a plenty of things you can do, get creative.

People don’t like to feel like they’ll communicating with a robot. Just the idea of Automation creeps some up, write a nice message every time you post to your followers and explain why should they read your article. Engage in conversations with them and discuss your ideas. Participate in other people’s discussions or live video events could also be an opportunity to get more people checking your stuff out.

Create an even better content

if your posts aren’t worth reading, they will never be ranked high. Unfortunately, the opposite is not also true, just because you have an amazing content, that doesn’t mean you will be ranked at the very top. The key is to keep writing a quality content and optimize for search engines at the same time. Focus on special keywords while writing and optimize your post for them. Don’t just throw them everywhere but make sure you maintain and coherence natural transition from one to the other. Include the main keywords in your title and your subheader or introduction paragraph.

Ask yourself if you were a user, would you read the entire post and still be as excited as you when you started reading the first sentence? If your highly optimized content is boring, SEO won’t do you as much then. Your content must be engaging to the audience. How about using shorter paragraphs?

Implement pictures. People are naturally drawn to them. Make sure to resize them before you upload them (There’s a lot of software that can do that for you in absolutely no time. Get used to one and master it). Use meaningful keywords.

Email based marketing

The thing with sharing your content is that even the people who want to hear from you won’t remember to go regularly to your blog and check what you wrote. No one will do unless he’s a die-hard fan of you, period!

Using newsletters, you can reach out to those people easier and faster every time you have something interesting to share with them. The people who will subscribe to your newsletter are usually loyal and more likely to trust you than those who only follow you on social networks. Get these people involved, build a relationship with them, make it more personal share a picture or two of you from time to time, speak directly to them… and indirectly create a strong natural Momentum to your blog.

Develop a regular routine. It doesn’t matter whether you send a newsletter once a week or once a month, pick a time that works for you best at the beginning and then work your way up from there.

Wrapping up…

Ranking highly in search engines equals takes some efforts and a good strategy that works in the long term. You won’t see results after few minutes but rather days or months. Stay motivated and don’t give up so quickly.

Start slow and focus on one thing at a time, especially if you’re new to SEO. Unless you’re working with a bigger team, please, for the sake of it, don’t do it all at once. It’s not about how much you can do but rather how good are you at what you’re doing. Learn what works and what doesn’t for you. Happy SEOing.


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