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Interview with GHOST BATH “Good art should not be easy; it should be difficult, confusing, even painful!”

Interview with GHOST BATH: Good art should not be easy; it should be difficult, confusing, even painful!

The depressive black metal sensation GHOST BATH began their journey in October of 2013 with the release of their self-titled EP on Solitude Productions (China). This was followed by their debut LP titled, Funeral,, in June of 2014 and now coming back strong with a brand new third release Moonlover. As the band commented, Moonlover encompasses the human experience and dwells within the minds of those who walk the earth. It deals with a longing for death and an eventual journey to realize the death instinct, Thanatos. A sort of numb sadness drenches this album’s tracks; melancholy, tragedy, and despair all take hold of Moonlover at any given moment.

Congratulations on ‘Moonlover’ and signing up with Nuclear Blast. If I might lead this interview with a simple question, what’s the idea behind the band name ‘Ghost Bath’?

It means to commit suicide by drowning yourself in a body of water.

How do you write now the new songs? and is there any concept behind ”Moonlover”?

By myself in my room. Moonlover is the first of a trilogy I am writing. It represents melancholy, tragedy, earthly things.

I’m interested to know the ideas behind each of your two albums, what the’s difference between ‘Moonlover’ and ‘Funeral’?

Moonlover is the first in my trilogy based on basic human emotions. Funeral explores the idea of dying, having a Funeral, and being forgotten.

Can you tell us about the recording process for Ghost Bath? How did it go this time?

Everything was written and a pre-recording was done at my home. Then in the studio everything was recorded and done within 24hours/3 days of recording time.

Reading some other interviews, I would say you’re a philosophical, artistic person so I would like to discuss a bit more than the last album here, do you think Black metal, as a genre is more about consistency and truth or complete fantasy?

Ghost Bath Moonlover album coverI don’t think I should be speaking for black metal as I believe I play my own sound regardless of black metal’s “rules.” For me, I think that music can reflect almost anything. For me to say that it is one thing or another would put limits on music, which is something I aim to never do. If you want to make it about consistency and truth, do so. If you want to make it complete fantasy, do so.

Black metal to you, is it just a music genre or has more meaning than just a sound? Do you think music is good as long as it breaks conventions?

Again, I would rather speak to art in general than to black metal itself. Good art should not be easy; it should be difficult, confusing, even painful. But that does not mean there are not situations where easy art is needed to relax one’s mind or for other reasons.

Do you think elitism is relatively important to produce such a sound?

For some it most definitely is, but not for all.

What are your views on the cultural and environmental factors and how they relate to the music?

I try to stray from those factors in favor of expressing more human emotion directly that all can relate to.

This might sound a bit a silly question, but what does the word ‘Art’ mean to you?

I’ve had debates about this with other band members, but personally I think it is anything that a human does purposefully; whether it be behaviors, actions, creations, thoughts and ideas, etc.

Do you think showing faces and exposing privacy in today’s industry has more worth than the art itself?

If you let it get that way -which I think I have inadvertently done. Hopefully this was corrected by revealing our faces.

Aren’t you worried that after some time of growing as a band, with all the fame that comes with it, out numbered live shows and so on, the band’s identity is going to get fully exposed somehow?

No. I was never extremely careful about it. It was sort of an afterthought that I tried out.

Going back to discussing your album, you’ve been compared before and so many times to Deafheaven whenever people want to describe your sound, how would you personally describe it?

I like to allow others to describe it for themselves. It is more about where the listener is at in that point of time that they hear our music. How they describe us is more based on their own experiences and emotions than it is about us.

Since you’re now signed with Nuclear Blast, is there any chance we see some Ghost Bath vinyls anytime soon?

Yes, we have a “Golden Number” edition that is on Gold vinyl. They are available through the Nuclear Blast website.

What’s coming now in the Future for Ghost Bath?

Touring and playing lots of shows anywhere that will have us; Writing and recording the rest of the trilogy; and creating whatever sort of art comes to mind.


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