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Interview with Psycho-Rocker Morgan Delt


Morgan Delt is a California-based musician who largely records and produces all of his material himself, apparently in his bedroom. In 2013, He officially released his debut album which made a buzz in the Psychedelic rock scene.

In 2013, you appeared from absolutely nowhere shocking the world so to say with your debut album, a fair question to begin with, what were you doing before?
I was always recording music but I never really finished anything that I liked and I guess it just took me a long time to finish something that I thought people would like and put it out there.

When did you first actually realize that you wanted to produce and album and go on tour?
I think I knew I wanted to do that since I was like 8 years old. I recorded stuff before and gave it to friends and so on but you can kind of tell from people’s reactions whether it’s good or not (laughs).

It seems like you managed not to only release outstanding songs but also wrote and record them by yourself, what’s your experience with that and what’s your motive to create ?
I just do everything by myself because for all those years I didn’t have anybody to work with. That’s how I was able to do it. Now I kind of like doing everything by myself and I want to keep doing it this way. It’s more interesting to me I guess.

Was it hard are for you to find people to join you live on stage?
No, It just happened in a weird way. They just showed up and they knew all the songs already. It’s a weird situation where my album came out first, so people actually heard it and were able to learn it. I always had trouble meeting people and trying to get them in the band and teaching them the song but the way it happened now is more naturally.

Morgan Delt live berlin panorama Berghain concert What is your writing process like, is it more of sitting somewhere and trying to write or more of collecting ideas that come naturally?
It’s kind of both of those; to sit down and record, do something on the guitar, bass or singing, and from there pick up the good things and keep working on them until they become something. At the same time, sometimes I’ll just be out somewhere at night and a song pops into my head then I’d have to record it on my phone or something. Sometimes that happens but usually, it’s just sitting down trying to write something and throwing away all the ones that are bad.
How much music do you listen to when you writing an album?
Lately, I haven’t actually been listening to a lot. Maybe if there’s something I like, I’ll listen to that over and over again but for the most part, if I’m working on music, I don’t listen to any. When I’m not working on music, I don’t listen to music either. Tt’s kind of overloaded with itself. Since I’ve been making more music, I’ve been listening to a lot less actually.


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