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Lost Society’s Samy Elbanna discuss the new Album ‘Braindead’ and The Band’s Sound

It has been an awesome five years now for the band, how was the journey so far?

The journey has been pretty unbelievable so far. About 5 years ago when I founded the band, all I was thinking at that time was doing something cool with music but I could’ve never imagined this so I’m really grateful about everything and it’s pretty fuckin cool that I’m 20 years old and I’m able to tour the world and release albums and do stuff like that so (laugh) life is pretty good.

Before we discuss the new album, I wanted to ask, what is a typical Lost society album for you?

For the first two albums I would say there was many similarities cause we just wanted to focus on making everything as fast as possible and as aggressive as possible and I don’t think we had any mid-tempo songs or anything but I’d say that with the third album we kind of broke the continuum basically with this album that now we wanted to show people that we don’t want to be that Lost Society has a typical album, we want people to be surprised every time we release something new.

What I wanted to say is, many bands has so to say their own recognizable sound, that one element that has your signature and people will know you for, do you focus on creating that in your music?

Well yeah I know exactly what you mean, one really cool band that has been obviously a huge influence that has the same thing is Children Of Bodom. That’s one of the bands that you can’t really say what genre it is but the moment you hear a song from them you’re like ‘Oh, of course that’s COB’.

For us, it would be really cool because I think that with this new album we’re just starting to find the real Lost Society sound and we’re beginning to see what our real style is. So I’d say that in couple of years when we release a fourth or fifth album, we’ll probably start to have one of those typical styles that people will know us for.

How much time do you spend listening to the music when you’re working on an album? Do you come up with a new idea and decide at the moment if it’s gonna be in a new song or first collect bunch of ideas then selectively choose from them?

During the writing process, which for us can be anywhere from one month to six months to a year, we listen to a lot of music and we can get inspired basically by anything. When a riff comes to mind, we start playing it and pretty soon the whole song is done. Anything at this point can inspire us, it can be a Slayer song, it can be a fucking Shakira song, it can be anything that gets an idea into your head and then you can just start working it out.

Lost Society’ napalm records

What should we expect from the new album?

The best way to say this, is to expect the unexpected basically. In many ways, people have seen during the past three years that Lost Society is a band that is fast, doesn’t give a fuck and is just about party all the time but I think with this third album we added so much more to the equation. There are songs that are totally different from anything that we ever did but then there’s of course the fact that people can hear the roots of Lost Society and we haven’t changed our style. It’s gonna be an album that shows people what the band is all about and proves that we are capable of doing much more than just being faster.

Time to ask the lyrical content of the album. What is the meaning of the album title? and is it going to a be a concept album?

There’s going to be many themes throughout the album that in many ways, will carry on the whole Braindead revolution. We chose the name just because in the past two or three years the word ‘Braindead’ has become some kind of a slogan for the band. There’s also going to be a lot of songs about the leaders of the world and their nations that are blindly following them. It’s basically kind of society that doesn’t need to think about anything because people think about everything for them. So in that way I would say the title ‘Braindead’ portrays it very well.

How do you think the fans should approach the album?
I would say that if someone only listened to the first two albums and only listens to thrash metal, he might have a hard time taking it. But at the end of the day, anyone who appreciates music and the evolving of bands will appreciate the music and the diverse in it.

Do you have any role models or idols that inspire you?

Of course, since I started listening to music, what I was really into was Iron Maiden and as a band member, they inspired me the most, their whole career has been all about the music and no bullshit. I think that’s one of the things that I’d love to be able to do after 20 years, to focus on always playing the best show I can do, still play music, record albums and I just respect the guys so much for it.

For a group of youngs I would say, with the success you all had, how should one imagine the tour life with Lost Society?

Many people are surprised when they ask me about the tour life and what it is actually like but we like to give the impression that we like to party all the time and it’s nothing other than partying but the truth is a lot different. Of course after a show if it’s a really good one, the best thing you could do is open a beer, lay back and enjoy it but the truth is, we have never drank alcohol before a show and that’s really important to us because we’re not going to fuck a up a show because of alcohol.

On the other hand, the best thing especially about touring in Finnland is that our friends are our crew, so we travel all the time with our best friends and we’re having such a good time.he essence of touring with Lost Society, is not being too serious, you just gotta have a good time.

The essence of touring with Lost Society, is not being too serious, you just gotta have a good time.


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