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Mount Bromo Best Pictures: What it really looks like?

Mount Bromo crater ganesh flowers temple picture

Indonesia’s Mount Bromo is one of the most active volcanos in the world and yet one of the most visited. The spectacular view of Bromo together with Mount Batok and Mount Semeru is something beyond imaginable. The roaring sounds at the crater like a giant steam boiler about to explode together with the dense white-yellowish mist making its way out to the sky cannot be described with words. But before posting the Mount Bromo best pictures here is first an interesting fact about the volcano:

On a yearly basis, the Tenggerese (people from Probolinggo, East Java) throw sacrifices (sheep, goats, chicken, flowers, rice, money…) into the caldera of the volcano in order to appease these ancient deities. The ceremony is called ‘Yadnya Kasada’. After the ceremony, some locals climb down the crater and recollect what’s left from the sacrifices as it’s believed that it brings luck. Enough said, enjoy these Mount Bromo best pictures: Mount Bromo (Volcano ) in Java, Indonnesia. White smoke top view MarchMount Bromo picture - volcano view smoke walk to Mount Bromo sea of sand footsteps pictureMount Bromo landscape after eruption topography - mount bromo best picturesMount Bromo steps climb to crate photobromo volcano eruption fire photo Caldera - mount bromo best picturesMount Bromo crater picture view smoke fire bromo volcano eruption smoke Caldera - mount bromo best picturesBromo Volcano Walk on crater photo - mount bromo best picturesMount Bromo walk on crater (rim) picture - mount bromo best picturesMount Bromo german blonde girl on crater rim photo - mount bromo best pictures Mount Bromo smoke photo from volcano craterMount Bromo blury smoky crater pictureMount Bromo picture of view from topMount Bromo topography view from craterMount Bromo landscape picturemount batok sea of sand picturemount bromo and mount batok green top view grassMount Bromo night viewpoint beautiful photo
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