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Mount Bromo, How To Get There, Entrance Fee, Tour, And Pictures

Mount Bromo (Volcano ) in Java, Indonnesia. White smoke top view March

Climbing to the top of the Mount Bromo crater and walking the rim around it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced in my life. The mighty sound at the crater mixed up and the thick white-yellowish smoke fighting its way up through the wind is a fascinating scenery where you find yourself admiring and enjoying the most violent and destructive power on our beautiful earth. Here are my tips on how to get there and what you should expect from Mount Bromo.


You can get to Bromo volcano from almost everywhere in Indonesia, but how people usually do it, is to get there from Yogyakarta and then go to Bali. But whether you coming from Jogja or not, I recommend you ask your hotel or any tourist agency in your area if they offer a trip package (sometimes including hotel) to the volcano and more luckily they do.

Bromo is one of the main touristic destinations in Indonesia and it is easy to get there. It can also be reached by train but I do not recommend that since the train will drop you only at Promolinggo (I spent a day at Promolinggo, read my review and why you should stay away from the city) and it is not easy (or very expensive) to find a ride to the point of view (40km away). An organized bus will drop you at a homestay at the very top and you can walk maybe an hour maximum (maybe 5km depending on where you are staying) or hitchhike your way through what’s left.

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Entrance fee

The entrance fee might vary from season to season, but I paid 200.000Rp in April 2017 (for one person). You can also find a different route though that leads to the same viewpoint and avoid paying the fee 🙂

Don’t book the Mount Bromo tour

If you book a complete tour to the viewpoints, chances are you’ll end up being brought there with hundreds of other tourists at the same time. Most tourist agencies will take people to the highest point of you around 5 am to watch the sunrise from there then take you to the crater around 7-8 am. These are the times when the area is very very crowded with tourist so try to avoid them. Getting there anytime after 10 am is good.

Mount Bromo in picture

Mount Bromo picture - volcano view smokeMount Bromo crater picture view smoke fireMount Bromo walk on volcano crater pictureMount Bromo crater ganesh flowers temple picture Mount Bromo smoke photo from volcano craterMount Bromo blury smoky crater pictureMount Bromo picture of view from topMount Bromo landscape pictureMount Bromo green top view grass picture
If you want to see more pictures from Mount Bromo, make sure to check out my full gallery here. It contains different pictures from all the (official and non-official) viewpoints and a closer look at the crater of the volcano. You can also see how the entire place looks like behind the camera lenses with a variety of pictures that shows how the place really looks like. 


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