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A night at Rosi’s Indie Dance Bar in Berlin. What to expect?

roses bar berlin

At the tail end of Revealer Straße, far past the noise of the Raw-Gelände, lies the small intimate club called Rosi’s. Outside, the interval between pavement and street is filled with construction sand. A little bit up the street, on the opposite side, is R19, which as of the time of publication of this article, has now closed. It is a cold April evening, the day before May the 1st. It is only 1 am, but I have come early before the night gets into full swing, so as to get a feel for the place.

The decor of Rosi’s feels both old and new, big leather chairs and small nooks and crannies that build a sense of intimacy and comfort, like being in your own private clubhouse. The club has two main buildings and a courtyard in between. There is an imbiss type stand that serves food which smells amazing, although I do not try it for lack of money after underestimating the entry fee (7 euro versus the usual 2 – tonight there is a techno room) People sit around on a picnic tables and deck chairs. There is a sense of there being a regular crowd here, of people knowing one each other, bumping into each other and talking for a while.

The night takes a while to kick off, but a stream of pixie dream girls and metrosexual  boys come pouring in. This set against people of a somewhat older crowd, think mid 30s to possibly even 40s (members of the original Indie Scene perhaps). Although it would be very easy to do so, the DJs do not rely slowly on crowd favorites (although naturally there are a few thrown in here and there like ‚This Charming Man‘ by The Smiths going down particularly well). The songs are all energetic, upbeat, and nostalgic. The room stays mostly full for the entire night. People tend to dance in little circles together, mostly 3 or 4 to a group, not always facing the DJ. People put down their jackets and bags around the side of the walls and don’t seem to worry too much about them disappearing. Everyone seems just to be tipsy instead of drunk.

There is a distinct relaxedness and almost relief to the crowd, who here can simply chant along and indulge in raw dumb enjoyment of happy music.


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