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Spending A Day in Probolinggo. Here’s What not to expect from The City!

Probolinggo, Indonesia train station

After making a stop to see the famous Bromo volcano, I had to take a train from Probolinggo to Banyuwangi where my journey continues but this time in Bali. About noon to be exact, I got a ride from the top of the mountain Bromo to Promolinggo (hitchhiked) with the expectation to enjoy a good meal later on, maybe also a coffee while waiting for my 5 hours train, and that’s when all the horror began.

The city is absolutely dead

If you are coming to Promolinggo with the expectation to enjoy/discover the Indonesian culture or enjoy few days somewhere else then I am going to disappoint you, the city hast no use for you more than taking the next train and is not a tourist attraction for a reason. The streets are only full of a disgusting street food (I do mean it) and annoying taxi drivers who will follow you half a mile hoping to convince you to get a ride.

Are you hungry?

I am definitely not a picky person I am always willing to push it further and try new things out, but the restaurants in Probolinggo have absolutely no hygienic standards, not even common sense, and there is no way I am taking a bite from that Nasi Goreng. The food is the absolute horror. Luckily, I found a good hotel with a restaurant with very cheap prices, wifi, and air condition. Other than that, I wouldn’t recommend eating on the streets unless you have secret places or have enough time to find one.

Here’s what the train station look like in pictures

Inside the station, there is absolutely nothing other than the ticket shop and the ticket control guy watching tv. Nearby, there’s a bunch of smaller shops if you need things like water or snacks. probolinggo Train station buy ticketprobolinggo, indonesia train station ticket control area


Probolinggo might not be the best place to go shopping or wander around. If you are taking the train here, better come with a full belly and bring enough food, snacks and maybe few episodes from your favorite series for later on.


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