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Things I Hate About Clubbing (From a Guy Who Loves Clubbing)


I’m that guy you usually see tearing it up on the dance floor, I love the whole experience of clubbing as much as I love eating. I just love expressing myself on the dance floor and getting all that stress out of my body. Mostly, I have really good nights since just a dance floor and a good set of songs can do the trick for me and satisfy my hungry soul but you can’t also run from so many awful nights for many reasons. What I learned so far from weekly clubbing is that one thing remains the same, you will for sure experience few things every time you go out that can possibly ruin your entire night if you let it. Here are my top:

The people in a bad mood

This is usually the first thing that confuses me. What are you even doing in here if you’re not in the mood?! The ‘too cool to have fun’ attitude isn’t going to score you any points tonight! You’re missing the whole point, people are here to party, dance, drink or just do something fun. So chill, have a good time or get the hell out of there.

Long Lines

The difficulty of getting into some clubs is almost as legendary as experiencing the club itself (especially in Berlin where I live). I personally wouldn’t mind spending couple hours lining up for a club if it’s really worth the experience. Having a chat with friends and few drinks meanwhile never disappoints but the bummer is when you finally get to the door two hours later and get rejected.

Creepy people on the dance floor

I have always wondered what is going on inside these people’s minds. And to really explain who I really mean with  the creep, it’s usually that guy standing alone in the middle of the crowd, holding a drink to his chest and watching everybody else with sharp eyes before walking up to a girl, starts grabbing her waist and awkwardly grinding with her before getting slapped by her or one of her girlfriends, and then he goes back to his old habit. Stop it. just STOP IT!

Spending lots of money

I don’t want to sound like a cheap bastard, but clubs are usually a ripoff. Everything is overpriced!

The (dance floor) selfieholics 

Congratulations, you just ruined everybody’s night. Getting blinded by your phone’s flash is no fun. I get it. You’re at an awesome party having a good time, and you want to remember it forever. I’ve been guilty of snapping lots of photos to prove to myself that it happened as well. Going to the craziest clubs and documenting some crazy memories is also something I love doing. But please don’t just stand right in the middle of the dance floor pushing everybody out of the way to spend the whole night taking hundreds of pictures that you won’t even look at after! At least step aside and let people have a good time after.

The next morning

I know this might have nothing to do with clubbing itself, but it’s still a big part of the entire experience, having to cancel all your appointments the next day because you’re too hungover/tired to accomplish the simplest tasks. To be honest, I don’t drink as much when I’m clubbing, I enjoy it even more when I’m sober but spending the entire next day sleeping to wake up at night again makes me feel so useless.


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