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Basic Tips To Take Amazing Travel Photos You Need To Know!

Travel photos - Bali Indonesia road Motorbike backpack

I’m a person who travels a lot and a big passion of mine has been the ability to create amazing photos that carry all the beautiful moments that I lived with them. Almost everyone that I know has a camera now, and even if someone doesn’t, chances are he has a phone with a decent camera quality. So taking that breath-taking shot is not anymore about the gear itself, but how to use it correctly. If you’re new to photography, here are some very basic tips that people tend to ignore to help you capture amazing travel photos:

Get out of the box: find a different angle

Whether you’re taking a group photo, of landscape or a selfie, making your photo stand out is all about looking out of the box and doing something different. This could be as simple as finding some patterns in whatever you’re shooting or making sure you’re putting the elements you want to isolate in focus. This might sound very basic but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t actually respect these rules. Another thing I like to do is to look at my surroundings before taking the photo and observe the elements that compose it. This gives you have a better overview and help you work well with the elements you have.

Make the picture visually appealing

No one likes blurry photos or pictures where the horizon is not leveled correctly. Stop moving when you’re shooting the photo and make sure what you’re shooting is in focus.
If you want to take a photo from a vehicle (car, bus…), just make sure to boost that shutter speed up and avoid the blur in the picture if you have access to that.yogyakarta Indonesia children play

The perfect timing

A good timing is very important and should always be taken into consideration. If you’re shooting in a crowded area, for example, a famous monument, try to find which angle shows fewer people or makes them blend in more with the scene and draw less attention towards them. You always want to highlight the object that you specifically want to shoot and make it the most dominant. I also like shooting during sunset. Sunrise is not really my favorite, you gotta wake up early, you don’t always have a beautiful sunrise and even when you do, it’s only a few minutes and that’s it, you cannot experiment a lot. Sunset, on the other hand, has different stages of color that I think looks the most beautiful and lasts longer.

A good camera

If you really want to take your photography to the next level, investing in a good camera is a necessity. I personally use DSLs because they offer so much flexibility with the choice of settings and lenses but there are a lot of compact cameras that are equally good. The auto mode is also great on them (this is awesome for beginners) and I find myself using it often when I’m wandering through the city with the lights constantly changing (either too sunny or too dark, and then bit cloudy, other times the objects are in the shadows…) and I don’t have enough time to constantly change settings and just want to get that shot as quick as I can, and man, they do an outstanding job.

You can a get cheap decent one starting from 400$.

The Post-processing

A lot of people don’t want to get into the post-processing part and only want to shoot a picture and have amazing results right after but that’s very unlikely to happen. You would need to have the perfect light and the perfect elements to capture the perfect photo, and even then, you could still get so much better results with some color grading and a very basic knowledge of software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. There are tons of tutorials on Youtube that will show you a lot of cool techniques that you can apply right away.
Another thing to consider is to always shoot in Raw. Raw files save all the information of the picture so you can get the most out of it later in post Processing while JPEG is a compressed version of the photo (that has lost a lot of valuable information).

Here is a picture showing the before and after editing differences:

edited vs not edited photo indonesia - travel photos comparison

I hope these tips have set you on the right path to mastering the art of taking beautiful travel photos. If you have any questions camera related, just let me know in the comments below and I will get back to you very soon.


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