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Watching Dolphins in Lovina Beach, Bali. What is it Really Like?

Dolphins in Lovina Beach jump photo

Arriving from the very west of Bali, I was hoping that my dream to watch the dolphins in Lovina Beach dancing under the sunrise finally gets fulfilled and turns into one of the highlights of my trip to Indonesia and not only a childhood dream that has been haunting me ever again since I booked my flight. Here is the summary of my experience there and what you should expect to see.

Getting there

Bali child play dirty beach boatsI had to get up very early in the morning and to make sure that I arrive at the beach by 5:45 (before sunrise) the latest. The boats get pushed to the water at 6 am and the whole trip is 15 minutes long into the water (maximum capacity of 4 passengers). If you arrive later, chances are either you won’t find anyone that is willing to take you see the dolphins in Lovina beach anymore or find someone that can’t guarantee you seeing them. It is better to ask your hotel to organize something for you at least a day in advance.

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What will you see there

Ahmed Khelifi Lovina Beach sailing boat before sunrise island view water photoSailing moments before the sun rises in Lovina is one of the most fascinating things the eye could see. When the water and the sky share the same color and the far away becomes unendless that you cannot tell the different between the sky and the water anymore is indescribable. The water was very warm and clear, and so was the weather preparing for the dolphins to do their dance and greet their visitors. Exactly on time, they started jumping from all the sides around our boat creating a very beautiful scenery.

The downside was since we were of course not the only tourists there, our driver had to maneuver us away from the crowds constantly. There are definitely more than 100 boats ready to sweep you away for a closer look at the dolphins every time they slightly appear from the surface of the water. It was almost impossible to capture all boats in one picture since they were coming from all directions, but these photos should give you at least an overview of how it was: Dolphins in Lovina Beach tourist crowded boatsDolphins in Lovina Beach hundert boats

Pictures of the Dolphins in Lovina Beach

Dolphins in Lovina Beach jumping from waterDolphins in Lovina Beach jump photoDolphins in Lovina Beach jump from water tour pictureDolphins in Lovina Beach tour photoDolphins in Lovina Beach swim


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