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West Bali National Park, What Caught My Attention The Most!

gray monkey West Bali National Park - Bali barat

Located in the most north-westerly point of Bali, the West Bali National Park is famous for being the home of many animals (especially the rare Bali Starling) and a mix of different landscapes from rainforests, dry savannas to acacia scrubs. There are so many beautiful things to discover in there but here are the things that caught my attention the most:

The crocodile tree

Bali Barat Nationalpark crocodile tree. West Bali National ParkI know this just a tree and I might sound crazy but this is not like any other tree. It is incredibly beautiful, covered with sharp points from top to bottom that look like a crocodile skin which is the reason behind the nickname ‘the crocodile tree’. I’ve never seen such a thing before in my life and I couldn’t help but stare at it for a while. Unfortunately, the tree is not spread all over the park and can only be seen around 500m of after entering the park.

The monkeys

Bali Barat Nationalpark grey monkey jumping. West Bali National ParkNot very friendly compared to those in Ubud’s Sacred Monkey Forest and you cannot get very close to them but it is still beautiful to watch them in their natural habitat. There are two types of monkeys living in the park; the gray ones and the black ones. The gray ones are very easy to find and you will see them mostly everywhere running on the ground. The black ones are hard to spot and they’re usually at the top of the trees.
(Tip: book a tour with a car and don’t go on foot or use motorbike if you want to see the gray monkeys in close. They are afraid of human and will run the second they see you walking towards them. The guards usually throw food to the monkeys from a car. so if you are in one, they will come running towards you thinking the are getting food. (Forgive me monkeys)

The rare Bali Starling

This is the only chance to see the rare Bali Starling in its natural Habitat. There is, unfortunately, no way one can get close very close to it, but you should be able to get a closer look with binoculars.

The beaches

Bali Barat beach. West Bali National ParkAlthough the water is not very clean, it is still a very beautiful beach around the forest. I love how different natural landscapes get mixed together to form something different and still beautiful. If you are lucky, you might spot a deer or a monkey swimming (did you know that deer can swim in deep water? And they do swim from the West Bali National Park to the near islands and vice-versa?). Also very good for snorkeling.

And I thought I do have the curliest hair..

curly green grass & broken wood in West Bali National ParkThis is the curliest thing I’ve seen in nature so far. It is also so thick and feels weird to step or walk on it. In other words, this is how the grass looks like inside the forest.

Various pictures from the West Bali National Park

wild pig West Bali National Parkold tree West Bali National Park Forest lake inside West Bali National Park - Bali baratgray monkey side road West Bali National Park - Bali baratgray monkey stand on two feet West Bali National Park - Bali baratdeer in forest West Bali National Park - Bali barat


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