The Dream

Years ago, I had a question: When was the last thing I've done, that took me out of my comfort zone?

Cause let's face it, by seeking the environment I feel the most comfortable in as a shelter will never help me build my life resume and potentially explore new things. Since then, I’ve decided to set myself on a different journey of discovering myself, my surrounding and documenting all the interesting and weird things I encounter..

I became the kind of person that dreams big,
sets high goals and excute them. It gave me a sense of accomplishment

a volcanic experience

March 2017 is the day that I got to experience the first thing way beyond what I am used to: I stood at the crater of an active volcano. A volcano that could erupt at any moment. I stood there silently listening the mumbling sound of lava as it is trying to escape while the earth is shaking beneath my legs.

That is the moment when I felt the smallest, facing arguibly the most destructive force on earth. But also a reminder to trust my heart no matter how uncomfortable and scary it may be.

I decided to keep going.

Since then, I crosses so many things off my bucket list, that in the past I would've never thought possible:
- I travelled to 18 countries
- I dog sled in the north pole and sailed the arctic ocean
- I've seen the nothern lights
- I flew a small plane (yes, I got to land it twice :D)
- I acted in two movies
- I ran a marathon
and much much more...


To be able to share my journey with you, photography has been the way for me to tell my stories, through meaningfull and powerfull photos. If you look at my portfolio, there is a story behind each photo, memories from a journey that you can look back on and enjoy for years.

My arctic trip